With school starting to kick back in it’s hard to post consistently on a daily basis but I go for quality over quantity. That is a phrase that had been emphasized during my summer. All of my so called “friends” always had other plans that were not my priorities. Sure, I could have partaken and kept up the camaraderie we had built in high school but I was just never really in the mood. I’ve kept in touch with probably about 4 people but if I had to choose between one hundred pennies or four quarters, I’d go with the latter. You see in a broad sense, handling one hundred pennies can be tough. You have so many that if you lose one you might not even realize it and now you’re left with 99 cents. I see the coins how I see people. Would you rather have a wide array of friendship where each one gets less attention and love? Or would you buckle down and deal with less but take extra care to never lose them? I decided the second option was more fitting for me. In retrospect, I got to see how valuable, metaphorically speaking, my four quarters were. And how much attention and detail each one got and I don’t regret a thing about it. You could call me a “loner” or an “anti-social” or whatever you want but in the end, I personally had the time of my life. Pennies will let you down. Stab you in the back. Flake. Get lost. Quarters will always be there for you. I think it’s safe to admit that one of my quarters this summer was my dog.
Dogs are one of the smartest animals in the world. They understand when you’re sad/mad/happy. They will be there for you when your other quarters cannot. They truly are a man’s best friend in my case.
I guess my point is is that the most important lesson I learned this summer is that you have to do some soul searching and dig deep to choose the right quarters or maybe even dimes in your case. Quality > quantity everyone.



Boner Man

A dear friend of me asked me why I have this souvenir from the Hawaiian islands. Yes, this was a gift from a different friend of a man trapped in a barrel hiding his genetial treasure. Let that sink into your dirty little mind. Sure some people might think it’s strange to have kept this doll on my desk.

Except one day I pondered the meaning of this lil fella. What I came to as a conclusion was the idea that humans are trapped in a society and are forced to live in a land of laws and regulations. People are too scared to express themselves of the fear of being judged by others. Whether it be “coming out of the closest” so to speak or being a huge druggie. Both are frowned upon in society which is wrong because sexual orientation and what you insert into your body should be your choice. Your freedom. Not anyone else’s. Nobody should tell you how to live your life. Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore, made a song called “Same Love” that stated that today gay people are synonymous with the lesser and how this idea should not be held true. People judge someone for being a homosexual even though it is what is their passion. This boner man doll I have is a constant reminder that it takes just one person to remove that “barrel” that holds us back from becoming what we can. Life is short. Do what you love and forget what people say or if they judge you. Live the life you have imagined.

My Christmas Tree

December. Its that time of year again. Time to celebrate sweet baby Jesus’s birthday. We are still 21 days away. People usually start buying their Christmas trees and start putting up lights once their holiday spirit kicks in. Some prefer Douglas Fir and others prefer Noble Fir. Some get six foot tall trees. Others get nine foot trees. I’m satisfied with just nice morning wood. My Christmas tree is outside my house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It’s beautiful. Little kids are so ecstatic and cannot wait until Christmas that they often missed the best part. December itself.
When you run so fast to get somewhere, you miss half the fun of getting there. When you worry and hurry through your day, it’s like an unopened gift thrown away. Life isn’t a race, so take it slower.

P.s. Santa’s sack is so big because he only comes once a year. Happy Holidays! 😀